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Steps to Bring International Scholars on Lab
Typical JPL Visa Categories and Document Issue Timeline
JPL International Office

Information for JPL Administrators

The JPL International Office provides support for temporary and long-term professional appointments at JPL. The process to bring an international scholar to JPL can be lengthy and complex. The JPL International Office needs the following information to offer accurate immigration support:

  • Date and purpose of visit
  • Amount and source of funding for nthe visit
  • Two sentence description of research activity at JPL
  • CV or resume of international scholar
  • Current location of the international scholar

Once we have the details of the international scholar's appointment, we will be able to determine the most appropriate visa.

For JPL appointments lasting more than three weeks, it is important  follow steps early to allow for several events to occur before the scholar can arrive on lab - security clearance, visa document issuance, the visa application abroad and travel to the United States.

Steps to Bring International Scholars on Lab

1. JPL Administrator begins the on-boarding process using JPL-ID.

2. JPL Administrator makes a request to the JPL International Office for visa assistance by submitting:

     a. FN New Hire Request Form; or,

     b. International Office (IO) Request Form.

3. NASA/CCS clearance is approved.

4. The JPL International Office issues the visa document and mails to the Foreign National.

5. The Foreign National receives the visa document and schedules and attends a visa appointment at a U.S. consulate abroad.

6. JPL administrator preps for international arrival:

     a. Coordinate security briefing, badging appointment with Office of Protective Services.

     b. Coordinate visa check-in at the JPL International Office.

     c. Communicate JPL arrival schedule with the Foreign National.

7. Foreign National travels to the United States. 

Typical JPL Visa Categories and Document Issue Timeline


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JPL International Office

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